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Grow My Business

Maximize Profits
Help my business run more efficiently
Do you know what other businesses in your industry are using as best practices or what their finances look like? Have you looked into what it would take to make your business leaner, reduce overhead and maximize profits? The Baraga County EDC has a variety of tools to assist you in fine-tuning your business in a comfortable and confidential environment.

Business Check-Up
The best time to work on your business is when things are running smoothly. Think of it like preventative maintenance on your car or your yearly check-up with your doctor. Your business deserves a check-up and the professional staff at the Baraga County EDC can give your business plan, operations, financials, and strategy a thorough look over to check against industry standards and look for any signs of trouble on the horizon.

Succession Planning
You’ve done everything for and put everything into your business, but do you have an exit strategy when you’re ready to sell, pass down or close your business? It’s not something that any of us want to think about, but the sooner it’s dealt with, the more likely you are to have a successful transition. The professionals at the Baraga County EDC can assist you in making plans for your future and the future of your business. Learn about how to help our business transition into the next stages of ownership with the Succession Planning Toolkit. This toolkit will provide guidance and a better understanding of the planning process.


Previous Webinars

Business Development Tools & Insight


Mary Myers, explains the tools and resources the BCEDC offers to help your business. With the help of the Lightcast, IMPLAN, Zoom Prospector and more, the BCEDC can provide you a toolkit to grow your business and position yourself for economic success in the future. She gives a preview of the 2022 Baraga County Data Booklet and how businesses and community members can track the county’s economic path to prosperity to better position ourselves for economic success in the future.